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Al Hanson

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Al Hanson started his career in 1969 at Sherritt Gordon Mine located in Northern Manitoba. He started as a deck man; he was in the Heavy Duty Trade already and completed his apprenticeship at the mine. He was the first Heavy Duty Mechanic ever put through the mine. Al received his Journeyman status in 1973.
Al started another position as a service representative which had him travelling to various Mine Sites in Canada, United States and Greenland.

In 1969, Al and 20 other guys put some money together and decided to learn to fly; Al received his private pilot’s license and bought a plane in partnership with one of his buddies. When Al reached the age of 36 he got married and priorities changed. Realizing it was too expensive to keep both airplane and wife, Al made a choice “Wife”
Al Hanson started at Key Lake on date June 18, 1987 with a young family of two and a wife living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. This is where he worked as a Heavy-Duty Mechanic for years that covered numerous areas such as rebuild shop, pit crew with a rotation of one turn around every 8 weeks. Al wanted to make a difference and with the training he received he applied his experience with the Union and Occupation Health & Safety. He sat on the OH&S Committee as well as a position with his Local 8914 as an executive.

When McArthur River site started up in production Al was one of the first Heave Duty Mechanics to transfer over to help the company in its effort to get production in May 03, 1999. He was a part of the committees which developed work procedures, had a role in the union as well as OH& S Co-Chair. Al worked 8 years on the FH& B Hoist/Timberland (Shaft #1) as well as Timberland at (Shaft #3) alongside with Ed Morelli. Al has spent the last 3 years with the Project Department.

25 Year Award

With 25 years of service with Cameco Al has seen the advantages of long term employment. Working for a company in a Union atmosphere has given him satisfaction and security as well as a safe place to work.

Al has retired and will remain in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Al has enjoyed the time he has spent at both site’s working with the Steelworkers and Cameco, over the past 25 years. “I have met a lot of great people whom I will miss”.

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